Kira Girard
Kira Girard at a "Dance Moms" Season 5 taping in New Jersey Oct. 25. Rebecka Schumann

The claws were out in Season 5, episode 8 of “Dance Moms,” but this time, Abby Lee Miller wasn’t involved in the drama. Following the spectacle she caused at YouTube sensation MattyB’s music video shoot, Abby prepared her ALDC team for their final competition in Los Angeles in “Wild Wild West, Part 2” Tuesday.

Unlike previous weeks, the team was split into two for episode 8's competition. Four of the girls performed a jazz, Moulin Rouge-themed number. The rest of the team, including ALDC newcomers Sarah Reasons and Brynn Rumfallo, starred in Abby’s contemporary piece “No Laughing Matter.” While Abby did not grant any of her dancers solos for the week, she did give out two duets. JoJo Siwa and Mackenzie Zielger were gifted a musical theater number called "Lucy & Ethel.” As an ode to their mother’s feuding (which stems from their time spent at Club Dance studio in Arizona) Kalani Hilliker and Sarah were placed in a duet inspired by the infamous Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Olympic scandal.

While Kalani and Sarah geared up to battle onstage, Kalani mom, Kira Girard, and Sarah’s mother, Tracey, fought behind-the-scenes. After Kira gave Tracey's daughter a compliment about her technique, calling Sarah a "beautiful dancer," Tracey accused the dance mom of being ingenuine. In defense of her fellow dance mom, Brynn’s mother Ashlee — who is also a member of Club Dance— accused Kira of not having full custody of her son Jax and failing to properly raise Kalani while she was “off with her boyfriend.”

“He doesn’t even live with you because you’re never home!” Ashlee said.

“Don’t sit there and lie like a f—-ing b—h,” Kira rebuffed.

While the three mothers were able to put their differences aside for the rest of rehearsals, their feud resulted in another heated argument backstage at the competition.

After Tracey failed to convince Abby that Sarah deserved a permanent spot on the ALDC elite junior team — Abby claimed Sarah's technique wasn’t up to par — Tracey zeroed in on Kira’s alleged criminal history in an effort to have her daughter take Kalani’s spot.

“You have a history of so much minipulation, so many lies… I would be happy to talk about your arrest record. You have been arrested for credit card fraud!” Tracey said.

In an effort to discover the truth, JoJo’s mother Jessalynn pulled up information on Kira's alleged criminal past. “There was a trial and their was sentencing and there was theft and attempt to commit theft,” Jessalynn shared.

Kira flat out denied the allegations. “You’re making up f—ing false things. You don’t make up false information about me or what I’ve been through,” she said.

While Abby appeared unfazed by Kira’s fight with the new mothers, one of the feuding mother-daughter duo's was soon after cut from the group. After Abby invited back controversial newcomer JoJo, and granting Brynn the chance to dance at her Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, studio, Abby let Sarah go.

“You’re 14 which is too old for this group, right now. I think we will work together again in the future,” Abby told Sarah.

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