Abby Lee Miller, pictured in a "Dance Moms" Season 6 promo shot, was absent for most of episode 4. Lifetime

Everyone’s replaceable, including Abby Lee Miller. The “Dance Moms” coach's legal woes continued in Season 6, episode 4 of the Lifetime series Tuesday night, causing Abby to make a shocking decision about her role with her competition teams.

Abby starts off “Now You See Abby, Now You Don’t” by having an emotional phone call inside her ALDC LA (Abby Lee Dance Company Los Angeles) office. “I’m in a bit of a crisis,” she says, while asking for help. “I’ve had it. Five years of my life I have made these kids stars.”

While the moms wait for Abby to make an appearance for pyramid, they speculate if she plans to return to the team. Fresh off her disappearance from episode 3’s competition and her looming federal investigation — she was indicted on several counts of bankruptcy fraud in 2015 — they say its doubtful she will show.

“Abby had a huge meltdown last week because of what’s happened in her personal life. She’s under a federal investigation for hiding money,” Jessalyn Siwa says. “She has so much going on that we can’t even relate to it.”

When Abby fails to show up to pyramid on time, the veteran moms send in the mini team member’s mothers into her private domain. “I am hysterical,” Abby continues her phone conversation in tears. “I have done everything. There’s nothing more I can do. Right now, I don’t have a bra on, my car is in rollers, I’m in my slippers and I have a huge legal issue going on … I’m finished.” When Melissa Gisoni and Jill Vertes go in to check on Abby, she kicks them out for bringing the cameras into her office.

And while the ALDC matriarch does finally make an appearance when Seventeen magazine staffers show up to cast her girls in an eight-page fashion spread, she’s absent from class the following day.

During the final practice before the competition, Jill reveals to the mini team’s mothers that Abby has quit.

“We’ve received an email that she’s resigning,” Jill announces. “It’s not looking good you guys. She’s had it.”

Holly Frazier comments that she feels the mini team has lent a hand in Abby’s erratic behavior. “Abby has been all over the place,” she says. “She walked out of the competition last week, the other day she refused to come out of her cave, and today, she decides she’s quitting.”

Jessalyn advises the team simply needs to move on with or without her and compete.

While Abby does not show up for the weekly competition, which also happens to her mini team’s first, her students manage to pull out a few wins. The elite junior team scores first-place for their number “The Elites.” The mini team brings home second-place for their jazz dance, “The Spotlight.” Soloists Maddie Ziegler and Brynn Rumfallo also score second-place in their respective categories.

Will Abby return to her ALDC teams? Viewers will have to tune in to next week’s installment to find out. “Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.