Abby Lee Miller introduced Kendyl Fay (far right) to her ALDC LA mini team in Season 6, episode 6 of "Dance Moms." Pictured: Abby with dancers (from left) Alexus Oladi, Areana Lopez, Peyton Evans and Alysa Owen. Lifetime

It appears the mini moms may have overstayed their welcome. After one month at ALDC LA (Abby Lee Dance Company Los Angeles), two veteran dance moms lashed out at a newcomer on Tuesday’s Season 6 installment of Lifetime's “Dance Moms."

When Abby Lee Miller — who previously resigned via email — returns to her West Coast studio in episode 6, she brings along news that a new mother-daughter team with be joining her. In an effort to bring her mini team from four members to five, a 7-year-old dancer named Kendyl Flay and her mother, Lynn, are introduced to the cast in “Abby’s New Favorites.” Their first impression, however, is not the best.

After getting on Abby's bad side by showing up late for practice, Lynn also gets off on the wrong foot with a few of the elite junior team moms. When the veteran moms catch wind of Lynn’s plan not to “compromise” herself for her daughter’s spot on the team following a spat with Abby, Melissa Gisoni shares her two cents. “This is nothing honey. Get used to it,” she says. Holly Frazier adds that being a member of Abby’s team is “not easy” and tells Lynn that she needs to “advocate” for her child.

The following day doesn't fare any better for Lynn. When Melissa arrives to the studio and hears Lynn saying she wants her daughter to be with the team and be “safe,” Melissa warns her not to use that word. “Don’t use that word here or you’re going to get kicked off,” she says.

When Lynn says she’s going to do things her own way and not fight for her daughter, Melissa warns her that her plan may not work.

“That’s how this works honey. If you can’t handle it you can’t be here," Melissa says. "Abby Lee Miller runs the show and you don’t and she’ll never let you run the show.”

Melissa later complains to the cameras about Lynn trying to be an exception to the rules. “I don’t know who this mom thinks she is. We have to fight for everything that we get here and that’s why we’re such a tight team. If Lynn doesn’t stand up for her kid, she won’t last long.”

When Lynn says she refuses to give up on her identity to be a part of the team, Holly speaks her mind to the cameras. “Who is she is to judge who we are and judge my character? Lynn has just messed with the wrong mom."

On competition day, the moms bring up the topic of maturity in dances backstage. Lynn gets under Melissa’s skin when she comments on her 11-year-old daughter Mackenzie Ziegler’s previous solo routines. Fellow mini mom Kerri accuses Lynn of attacking Melissa and calls her a “waste of space.”

“No one has said anything derogatory to you or to your daughter. We’ve only encouraged you,” Holly interjects, who later tells Lynn she's not worth her "air" or time. "I think you’ve lost your identity, my dear," she says.

When Lynn attempts to change her tune and asks the veteran moms to help her learn from them, Melissa says she doesn’t think Kendyl will get a second chance on the team. “I tried to help you in the beginning and you were rude,” she says. Lynn responds by telling the cameras she think's Melissa is "crazy" and believes she "owns the ALDC."

When the episode concludes, Abby does not reveal if the mini team will be back for another competition. While the team's fate may be up in the air, Kendyl is featured in the mini team portrait (pictured above).

"Dance Moms" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.