Abby Lee Miller will spend her time coaching the mini team in "Dance Moms" Season 6, episode 6. Pictured (from left): Abby, Alexus Oladi, Areana Lopez, Peyton Evans, Alysa Owen and a newcomer. Lifetime

She’s back in action! ALDC matriarch Abby Lee Miller will return in next week’s Season 6 installment of “Dance Moms.”

After resigning and failing to show up to teach in episode 5, Abby will grace her students and dance moms with her presence in Tuesday’s installment. However, if the trailer for episode 6 is any indication, her return will not be a warm and fuzzy affair.

“You were gone last week. Are you back for good this week?” Holly Frazier asks her daughter’s coach in the preview.

“No,” Abby responds with a smile.

For the time being, Abby’s ongoing legal issues won't affect her ability to continue teaching. According to TV Guide's synopsis, Abby will audition more competition team members in episode 6, titled "Abby's New Favorites." When she's not busy seeing new kids, Abby's attention will not be focused on her elite junior team. “Abby’s back, but she’s only focusing on the minis and a new mini auditions for the team," the summary reveals. While it remains to be seen who will be joining the mini team, the trailer shows at least one new dancer could be added to the squad.

While Abby will spend most of her studio time on her newer, younger team in episode 6, her older students will still compete. The moms will reportedly “complain” when newcomer Brynn Rumfallo is chosen to lead the group routine in Maddie Ziegler’s absence. While the moms will be upset over Brynn’s position, this week’s score will determine “Brynn’s future at the ALDC,” the synopsis states.

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Luckily for Brynn, the elite junior team was able to pull out a big win. According to one “Dance Moms” spoiler site, their lyrical group number, “Better Off Now,” was awarded first-place in the teen division and first-place overall at Devotion 2 Dance in Agoura Hills, California, Nov. 14. The mini team also won, placing first in the small wonders category and second-place overall for their jazz routine “Cavemen Undercover.” It is worth mentioning competitions attendees reported there were only 15 entries at the event.

“Dance Moms” Season 6, episode 6, “Abby’s New Favorites,” airs Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Catch re-runs of the episode Tuesday at 11:02 p.m. EST and Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 1:02 a.m. EST.