The premiere season of “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” is coming to an end, and only one pint-sized pair will be able to take home the first-ever Mirrorball Trophy. The question is, however, which of the four finalists will it be?

The ABC series is closing out its freshman season, and while the winner was actually crowned a few months ago, fans will finally learn the identity of the winner on Sunday. With a judges’ leaderboard that has often fluctuated in terms of which team was on top, it could be anyone’s title to take, as Mackenzie Ziegler, Miles Brown, Sky Brown and Ariana Greenblatt have all received high scores at one time or another. However, one team, in particular, seems most poised for a potential win.

It seems most likely that Team Gleb—Mackenzie and Sage Rosen, will be the ones to call themselves champions of the debut season of “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors.”

There’s no question Ziegler is one of the more popular finalists, as she had previously amassed a following during her time on “Dance Moms.” In addition, despite her previous skills, Ziegler hasn’t really had the highest scores all season compared to her fellow finalists. While her average is a 26.4, and she only falls below Miles and Rylee in that regard, she hasn’t ever topped the leaderboard on her own. The only time she landed on top was in weeks two and three-where she tied with Miles.

However, Miles not only tied with her for the top spot in those weeks but also took the top spot with the judges during Week 4 and Week 7. Meanwhile, Sky and JT Church took the top spot in Week 6, and Ariana and Artyon Celestine tied for first in weeks one and two, before taking the top spot solely on week five.

Because of those scoring trends, Mackenzie seems like an underdog who worked her way to the finals, which may have helped her successfully capture the votes needed to win when the finals were shot.

Of course, she also has a massive advantage that the other teams do not yet have as well. To date, she and Sage are the only Juniors pair to receive a perfect score from the judges for an individual routine, which means they will be much bigger threats during the final episode.

The “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” finale airs Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.