Keo Motsepe is ready to take on the ballroom (and take home that Mirror Ball trophy)! The “Dancing With the Stars” pro spoke to International Business Times about the upcoming ABC installment and just how confident he is to step out onto the dance floor during the show’s Season 22 premiere.

According to the South African performer, his confidence rose when he learned he’d be swinging “Fuller House” star Jodie Sweetin around the ballroom. Keo revealed that he first saw how talented Jodie was when he spotted her busting a move with his fellow “DWTS” pro Val Chmerkovskiy in the Netflix reboot.

“I saw [Val] dancing with Stephanie [on ‘Fuller House’] and I was like, ‘Wow, she can dance. I wish she would come dance on the show. That would be awesome if I could dance with her.’ And it just so happens that she’s my partner this season,” Keo said before giving IBT details on their first meeting.

The dancer stated that he knew he was going to have a great partner when producers told him his mysterious ballroom buddy wanted to rehearse the very same day they met.

“Usually the first time you meet your partners you ask each other questions and that’s it. But I get my schedule and they’re like you’re going to meet your partner and she wants to practice. And I’m like, ‘The same day? Sounds like I have a good partner for the season!’”

Keo explained that once he started spinning Jodie around during rehearsals, he fell to his knees in pure delight. “I knelt down on the floor and was like, ‘Yes! God, thank you!’” he said after witnessing her dance skills in person. In fact, Keo revealed that Jodie is so talented, he’s confident Team MoSweet can survive the Week 3 curse. (Keo has never made it past the third week on “DWTS.”)

“We were talking about [the curse] the other day,” Keo told IBT. “[I told her] no partner and I have ever made it past Week 3 on the show and when we pass Week 3 — knock on wood — it’s going to be our first experience together. I don’t know what it’s going to be like in Week 4 or 5 or what it’s like to dance during ‘My Most Memorable Year’ with my partner. So it’s going to be a great and uplifting feeling for me. And to share that with Jodie is very special.”

The dancer explained that the other themed-dances he’s looking forward to perform are “Latin Week” and “Disney Night,” which will allow him to “be creative and do something special for my partner and myself.”

Although Keo wouldn’t dish what Team MoSweet's first dance would be, he did promise that fans will definitely enjoy their ballroom debut.

“It’s going to be very special because I’ve never done this before on Week 1 of the show,” he teased. “Its going to be very special and interesting.”

Does that mean fans can expect Jodie to jive to the “Fuller House” theme song? Well, Keo wouldn’t confirm the soundtrack to their first dance but he did tease that he “might choose that song for one of the numbers.”

“Dancing With the Stars” Season 22 will premiere Monday, March 21, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.