Kim Zolciak was forced to withdraw from “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday after the Season 21 competitor missed the Week 3 installment due to a health scare. And while the Bravo reality star believes her elimination was unjust, there’s one person who thinks that the show made the right decision by kicking Zolciak off the ballroom floor.

“I think the show handled it right,” Season 19 winner Alfonso Ribeiro, who acted as guest judge during the Week 3 episode, told Entertainment Tonight. “I think they handled it right because it could have been Kim going home tonight. And would it have been fair for her not to dance, and still come back next week, and have someone else go home?” he questioned. “That’s wouldn’t have been fair.”

During Monday’s episode, the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained via Skype that her doctor had cleared her to dance (after recovering from her “mini stroke”) but that he wouldn’t allow her to fly, which is why the Georgia-native missed the competition.

However, that didn’t prevent “DWTS” co-host Tom Bergeron from bearing the bad news to Zolciak and her partner, Tony Dovolani, that they would be eliminated from the dance series.

“The rules state, and these are rules that we had since 2005 when we started the show, and I’m quoting from them: ‘In the instance of illness or other health related matters effecting a participants ability to participate in the game, they must withdraw,’” the long-time co-host stated.

Ribeiro agreed that rules are rules, adding during his interview with ET that it was “truly unfortunate” Zolciak couldn’t make it to the ballroom to perform.

"I'm a fan of hers, I wanted to go get on a bus and bring her here," he said. "That bus takes too long!"

Zolciak is well aware of the lengthy drive, which is why she revealed on Instagram that she wanted to perform her Week 3 routine in Atlanta via satellite.

“I was cleared to dance on Friday when I was discharged from the hospital,” Zolciak explained. “So Saturday morning I was up rehearsing not even 12 hrs after. I had no restrictions BUT flying until today,” she said noting that the timing “sucked.” “I wanted to dance here in ATL via satellite. Last night I could dance I just couldn’t fly.”

Since the duo was eliminated, both Zolciak and Dovolani have taken to social media to campaign for their return, hoping that their fans will stand with them and hopefully show the network that they deserve to be given a second chance.

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