Daniel, the adorable orange-and-white tabby cat with 26 toes, has won the heart of thousands across the country and is single-handedly saving the day for the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

Cats typically have 18 toes, but 9-month-old Daniel has two extra on each paw because of a genetic mutation called polydactylism, The Associated Press reported. Daniel is two toes away of tying with the Guinness World record feline.

Milwaukee Animal shelter owner Amy Rowell told The AP she found Daniel in October during a rescue for another cat.

He was very clearly saying, 'I need to be rescued. I'd like to be your friend. Please pay attention to me,' she told The AP. And when a sign is that obvious, we tend to not ignore it.

Daniel has had an impact on others. A lot of others.

Since Rowell learned that the rent for the shelter in Greendale was going to be doubled beginning Jan. 1, Daniel has helped raise money for the non-profit to relocate to another building.

Seeking $26 donations, or $1 per toe, Daniel has led supporters to donate towards the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center cause. So far, the shelter has raised about $80,000 since Oct. 24, $50,000 of which came from the $26 donations from Daniel.

I've always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this is definitely the case, Rowell told The AP.

The shelter hopes to raise $120,000 by Dec. 23 for additional financial stability.

Upon seeing photos of the 26-toed Daniel, you're probably wondering where you can sign the adoption papers. Daniel, however, will not be up for adoption, as Rowell has decided to keep the cat as a shelter mascot.

As the poster cat for the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, Daniel lives a normal, healthy life as a cat with 26 toes.

He runs and he plays and he climbs, he uses a scratching post. He seems to be not bothered by it at all, Rowell said.