Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in a still from the first Season of the Netflix original series. The show is allegedly working to cast an actress to play Elektra in Season 2. Netflix

Although it feels like the first season of Marvel and Netflix’s “Daredevil” series just debuted, its massive success has already prompted the streaming service to get started on a second season. Now, it seems that the series is hoping to resurrect another popular character from the comic books – Elektra.

According to IGN, the twitter account @Marvel_Spider posted two video links that have since been rendered inactive. In them, two young actresses were reportedly reading for a role as Elektra. While the character's name in the video was “Elise," it is important to note that it’s not uncommon for casting processes to operate under a fake character name.

In the comic books, Elektra was a love interest that Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) meets in college. They eventually reconnect later in life after she’s become a trained ninja dishing out her own brand of vigilante justice. Jennifer Garner brought Elektra to life in the 2003 “Daredevil” film, which spawned a spinoff film titled “Elektra” in 2005.

What's leading many people to believe that these videos showed the audition process for the character is the fact that one of the two test reads saw the female character interacting with a criminal that she’d had dealings with in the past. The other saw the character meeting Murdock at a college party for the first time. Both fit the bill for an Elektra appearance in Season 2. A transcript for both scenes can be found here (via ComicBook.com). Savvy fans may also remember Foggy (Elden Henson) asking Matt about his Greek girlfriend in Season 1, a clear reference to Elektra.

According to CinemaBlend, the two actresses seen in the video were Australian actress Louisa Mignone, who some will recognize from the film “Wish You Were Here.” The other is a lesser-known theater South East Asian actress named Shiva Kalaiselvan. While the latter has no credits to her name, she’s been on the theater scene in London, Malaysia and New York City for quite some time.

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