The current filming of the Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh has produced some amazing scenes and leaked information about the movie. Director Christopher Nolan's recent request for extras have appeared to all come together in a massive action scene shot over the weekend.

Photos revealed a fully suited Batman throwing punches at Bane in a snow riddled riot fight scene with Gotham police and escaped prisoners. Bane is depicted in full costume among the crowd of orange suited criminals and camera crew. Some snapshots also show Bane standing atop the Batmobile, or tumbler, holding a piece of paper or photo.

Christopher Nolan has been known to take a more true to life approach to the Batman films and its characters. His approach remains consistent as the Dark Knight Rises version of Bane contrasts with the comic book costume.

Thus far fans have only been able to see a bare top Bane in low lit photos and the teaser trailer. In these photos the villain is fully clothed in military attire including a rugged long coat, armor vest, black cargo pants, knee padded armor, and strap boots.

Bane and Batman were spotted in riot action sequences which may be a scene taken out of the pages of Knight Fall, the famed comic book series where Bane releases Arkham's villains from prison and later paralyzes the Batman.

In the leaked photos, Batman appears to be plummeting Bane without much of a fight. That starkly contrasts with what fans see in the closing seconds of the teaser trailer where a monstrous Bane approaches the disoriented caped crusader.

Nolan has not yet revealed any signs of how venom, a chemical steroid Bane injects into his body for enhanced strength, will be used in the movie. In the comic books, tubes are fitted into the back of Bane's head where he can inject doses of venom by operating a device on his arm.

Batman's latest suit looks identical to the one used in 'The Dark Knight.' It is unknown if Batman will continue using the same designed costume throughout the new film or if an improved version will appear later. Bruce Wayne approached Lucius Fox in 'The Dark Knight' requesting for a lighter and mobile agile suit. Perhaps Fox may design Batman an even stronger suit to combat venom infused Bane.

Throughout the film, Nolan has kept everything consistent and true. Even the Bat Tumbler makes its return keeping original designs from The Dark Knight. Photos reveal both versions, a black and camouflaged patterned vehicle cruising the streets of Pittsburgh. Bane is seen standing atop of a camo-patterned tumbler, raising questions if more than one will be in the film. Will Bane possess a vehicle of his own in setting up for an epic tumbler shootout?

Expectations as well as rumors remain high for the final installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Click "START" to see onset photos of Batman's brawl with Bane and a fully suited villain standing atop the Bat Tumbler.

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