"The Dark Knight Rises"
"The Dark Knight Rises" official trailer has been released online and Bane's voice has sparked numerous YouTube parodies. DKR Promotional Poster

People just can't get enough of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie and since the release of the latest The Dark Knight Rises trailer fans have been left eagerly wanting more.

And the leaked footage of The Dark Knight Rises prologue had added to the hype. Reason being is that since the six-minute prologue leaked ahead of Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol in select IMAX theaters, viewers have not only been craving more action, but they have also been wondering what is up with Bane's voice. (You can watch the leaked prologue below.)

Bane, a masked villain played by Tom Hardy, can be seen in the movie looking rather powerful and prepared to bring the fight to Batman. However, his voice is a little bit hard to understand because of the mask and there have been manly complaints.

But those who are complaining are using Bane's voice to provide laughter.

A YouTube video titled Dark Knight Rises sneak preview was uploaded on Dec. 17, creating an animated version of the famous disappearing stadium scene show in the real movie trailer.

The animated video opens up in the stadium with Bane taking control of the microphone and holding Commissioner Gordon hostage.

Bane, in an awfully garbled voice: Gotham, take control ... take control of your city. This is the instrument of your liberation.

Batman swoops in and sees that Bane is holding Gordon: Bane, let him go.

Bane: So, the Batman finally shows up!

Batman, with a confused look on his face: What? What are you saying?

Bane: I have waited a long time for this, Batman.

Batman, even more confused: What? I can't understand what you're saying.

Bane, with a serious look on his face, points at Batman and says: Prepare to meet your doom, Batman.

Batman: I can't fight this guy. He is retarded or something. The Dark Knight doesn't fight the mentally challenged.

But Bane doesn't give up. See the saga unfold in the YouTube video below.

Another funny one for you:

The leaked six-minute prologue: