“DASH Dolls” star Durrani Popal is quickly learning how to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, just like her bosses. The Kardashian employee, and new reality TV star has just received a brand new pink Bentley from her boyfriend as a birthday present.

In this week’s episode of “DASH Dolls,” Durrani celebrates her birthday. She is also celebrating a new relationship with a Jewish guy named Shalom. As seen in a clip shared by E! Online, Durrani is on top of the world, when her new man decides to surprise her with the $200,000 car for her birthday.

“Wait, is this for me?” she squeals, when Shalom asks her if she likes her new pink car. “It’s like Barbie’s car!” she says. the two of them then get into the car so that she can take it for a spin.

The surprise came after Shalom told her that he was taking her out to Disneyland for her birthday. He then takes a detour to run an errand at the car dealership. She is initially worried that they might not have enough time in Disneyland because it was already late. All thoughts about Disneyland disappeared as soon as she saw her new car.

Later in the episode, Durrani crashes the car just a week after getting it. she gets scared about what her boyfriends might think, so she decides to blame it on her friend and fellow DASH Doll, Nazy. When Nazy finds out about it, she gets upset and forces Durrani to own up.

Eventually, she sits down with Shalom to tell him about her accident and her lie. He gets upset at first, but he eventually understands her situation. She explains that she was so scared that he would break up with her after she messed up the gift. The pair eventually kiss and makeup.

However, they still have other major obstacles in their relationship. Durrani is a Muslim girl, from Persian descent. Shalom is originally from Israel and is Jewish. Find out how things unfold between them in the rest of the season.

“DASH Dolls” airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on E!, right after “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”