On Friday night, those who tune in to watch the new episode of "Dateline" will get to hear Rebecca Musser's firsthand account of what she says transpired within the polygamist church that she grew up in. Musser will not only discuss Rulon Jeffs, the late Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints prophet, but she will also reveal the behavior of his son, Warren Jeffs.

The new episode, which will be hosted by NBC correspondent Keith Morrison, is set to follow Musser's role as one of Rulon's "dozens of wives" and her effort to eventually speak out against Warren in court.

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When Musser was 19, she was selected to become one of Rulon's multiple wives. This, states the NBC crime show, should have been an honor. However, it instead "horrified her."

Born into the FLDS Church, Musser was raised to believe that she should want to eventually become a "plural wife," as it was considered to be "more holy." In addition to supposedly fulfilling a "higher law," entering into such a marriage was also required within their society. Elaborating on this belief, she stated that many of those she grew up around believed that women should want to eventually provide their husband with as many children as she could, as doing so allowed him to have a larger "kingdom."

Prior to leaving, she shared a husband, Rulon, with more than 60 other women. Eventually, Rulon passed away, which left Warren in charge. This, as seen in the preview below, was troubling to Musser, as she had had uncomfortable encounters with him since she was a teenager. At that time, issues had become apparent each time she questioned her faith.

Upon Rulon's death, each of the wives were slowly given to new husbands, until it was her turn. When her time came, Warren allegedly told her that he would "break" her. However, Musser went on to make the bold decision to leave everything she had come to know behind.

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Throughout the new episode, Musser will travel back to that place she grew up, which is "tucked away beneath the towering red cliffs that join Utah to Arizona."

This will mark her first return to the place in years, as stated by Morrison. On her trip, she will reportedly be searching for family or friends that she left behind when she made the important decision to leave.

On Friday night, the NBC show will take viewers into the "incredible behind-the-headlines story" and Musser's decision to go up against "one of the FBI's most notorious fugitives."

This new episode of "Dateline," called "Unbreakable," will air Friday night at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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