Most men would prefer voluptuous women when it comes to dating, but there are some who go against the social construct of beauty to find love in "muffin tops" and love handles. And for them, stereotypes suggesting plump girls are synonymous with low self-esteem and laziness are way off beam.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean plus-size girls are favored because of their looks alone. More often than not, men are bowled over by their non-conformist attitude and determination to not subscribe to the absurd beauty standards set by society.

Plus-size women apparently have some unique traits to effortlessly attract the opposite gender and any man who has ever dated a curvy girl will vouch for the same.

Here are a handful of reasons why curvy women make awesome partners:

They are down to earth:

At times, thinner girls could come off as shallow and self-centered to many men as they tend to worry a lot about their appearance. Meanwhile, a curvy girl would focus more on building a good and healthy relationship with someone instead of losing sleep over her thigh gap. They are also more likely to appreciate small romantic gestures made by their partners.

They are better at cuddling:

Curvy girls are more about cuddling, loving and connecting with their partner on a deeper emotional level. Plus-size women make good partners because cuddling with them brings their partner into a happy state of mind.

They are affectionate:

A curvy lover is likely to shower unconditional love on their partners. A man who chooses a plump woman will often be smothered with a great deal of attention and care because unparalleled intimacy is part of the package.

They are great cooks:

It goes without saying that since curvy women love food, they love to cook. Hence, they love to sweep their partners off their feet with their perfect culinary skills.

Curvy woman Pixabay