Dave Hester has officially lost the war — the “Storage War,” that is. The former star of the hit A&E reality series has lost his lawsuit against the network claiming unfair business practices following his abrupt dismissal from the program in 2012.

Hester, 47, said he was fired from the show, which follows a group of individuals who buy abandoned storage lockers in hopes of turning a profit, after claiming publicly that the program was staged by producers. According to a report from Radar Online Saturday, Hester was ordered to pay more than $122,000 to cover the cost of the network’s legal fees following his lawsuit against his former employer in December. He was reportedly ordered to give A&E $96,735, and Original Productions, another company listed in the lawsuit, $25,957.

During a previous ruling in March, Judge Michael Johnson of Los Angeles Superior Court also sided with the network, dismissing Hester’s attempt to bid for an injunction against A&E for broadcasting the show. According to The Wrap, the lawsuit was deemed a violation of the channel’s First Amendment rights. Johnson called Hester’s claims against the network “unpersuasive.”

Hester isn't the only cast member to be recently entangled in legal trouble. His former “Storage Wars” co-star, Brandi Passante, was recently awarded only $750 out of her requested $2.5 million in damages following a recent lawsuit against Hunter Moore of the porn website “Is Anyone Up?” Moore reportedly used Passante’s image to promote X-rated photos and videos of a Passante’s lookalike on the site. According to a report from Starcasm, the mother of two sued for “anxiety, loss of sleep and physically illness” after Moore posted her footage in October 2012 but was awarded only the paltry amount after what a judge claimed was a “lack of evidentiary support.”