David Cassidy refuses to come on, and get happy, until he's paid what he feels he's owed.

The former Partridge Family heartthrob filed suit against Screen Gems, CRT Holdings, Sony Pictures Television and Sony Pictures Entertainment in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, claiming that he's been bilked out of a small fortune stemming from his '70 hit The Partridge Family.

According to the suit -- which alleges fraud, breach of contract, negligent representation and other charges -- the show, which ran from 1970 to 1974, generated almost $500 million in merchandise revenues from products including board games, magazines, posters, toy guitars and lunch boxes.

And while the contract that Cassidy re-negotiated in 1971 called for him to receive 15 percent of the net proceeds using his image, name and likeness, along with 7.5 percent of the net proceeds from the exhibition of the show, according to the suit he's been deprived of his due for decades.

For nearly 40 years, Defendants have swindled Mr. Cassidy out of his rightful share of proceeds from 'The Partridge Family.' And, when Mr. Cassidy has inquired into the matter, have lied to him so as to continue to conceal their deception and continue to avoid their obligation to pay Mr. Cassidy his fair share of those moneys owed him pursuant to the 1971 Contract, the suit reads.

Cassidy, 61, is seeking in excess of millions of dollars, in amount to be determined at trial.

Cassidy told CNN that he was forced to sue due to Sony's alleged foot-dragging.

It's just a matter of being fair, and doing the right thing, Cassidy told the network. I have no other alternative if Sony is not going to be reasonable.

Sony, naturally, begs to differ. A Sony spokesperson tells TheWrap, We have dealt with Mr. Cassidy in a completely lawful and appropriate way, and are confident that we will prevail in any proceeding.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.