In a bizarre incident in the Indian state of Odisha, a “dead” man came alive while being taken to the cremation ground.

Police said 55-year-old Simanach Mallick had taken his goat and sheep for grazing to a nearby forest Saturday evening. However, when he did not return home until the following morning, the villagers launched a search for him. He was found lying motionless in the forest and taken home by the villagers.

Assuming that the man was dead, the family members began making arrangements for his funeral. However, while being taken to the village cremation ground, Mallick suddenly started swinging his head. This triggered panic among those present at the scene with some of them even running away. The family members rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was listed stable following treatment.

"Finding him alive, we immediately rushed him to nearby Sorada hospital. After getting treatment he is now in a good condition," a villager said.

Doctors told the family members that Mallick had fallen unconscious due to high fever and weakness. His condition improved following treatment and was discharged from the hospital Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, Mallick's wife said despite being unwell, her husband had gone to the forest Saturday evening. She said though she was happy to see him alive, she regretted not taking him to the hospital before presuming him to be dead.

dead body
This is a representational image of the dead body of an Indian death row prisoner in Lahore, Pakistan, May 2, 2013. Getty Images/Arif Ali