• "Dead To Me" Season 2 will continue Jen and Judy's story
  • Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger
  • Season 2 is expected to premiere sometime later this year

The journey of Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cadelline) will continue in “Dead To Me” Season 2. The fans can expect the relationship of the two women to become even more complicated when the show returns.

The main plot of the TV series revolves around the friendship between Jen and Judy who meet at a support group. Jen is a widow who constantly thinks about the death of her husband while Judy is more free-spirited. Their relationship gets complicated when a shocking secret is revealed.

The success of the first season led to Netflix announcing a Season 2 just a few weeks after the show was released, Deadline reported. The announcement wasn’t a surprise given the cliffhanger ending of the show that threatened the relationship of the two friends.

What can the fans expect in the story in “Dead To Me” Season 2? Show creator Liz Feldman previously told Entertainment Weekly that the show will continue to focus on the friendship and relationship of Jen and Judy.

After the events in the first season, the relationship between Jen and Judy will become “more complicated” and “dynamic,” according to Feldman. The producer pointed out that the “score has been evened” between the two women and they now need each other more than they did at the start of the show.

While the fans may not see Jen’s husband in the next season in any flashbacks, there will be some new characters to look forward to. Natalie Morales has been cast to play the role of the new character Michelle in the next season, Variety reported.

According to the official character description, Michelle is a “wry and down to earth” person who has “a relaxed charm and infectious wit.” The character’s “difficult” mother lives in Assisted Living Facility and this is where she will meet Judy.

“Dead To Me” Season 2 is supposed to air some time later this year, but the producers haven’t yet announced the exact release date.

Dead To Me
"Dead To Me" Season 2 will air in 2020. Dead To Me/Facebook