A 5-year-old child in Georgia is fighting for her life after being bitten by a deadly snake multiple times.

The girl and her siblings were at their father's house in Berrien County for a weekend visit when the incident took place.

On Friday, Maisy Lamica and her sister went to an area near their father's home to find their pet cat standing in front of a tree. When they moved closer, they found the cat had cornered a rattlesnake.

It wasn't clear what led to the snake biting Lamica.

“It lunged out and bit her several times,” the child's mother, Cynthia Spell, told Valdosta Daily Times. Lamica's sister escaped the snake attack.

Lamica's father found her limping, and he immediately called 911. Lamica was rushed to South Georgia Medical Center. By the time she reached the hospital, she went into anaphylactic shock — a severe allergic reaction to the snake’s venom.

The child was later moved to Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, as the Valdosta hospital did not have a pediatric intensive care unit, Spell said. Lamica was given 37 vials of antivenin as of Monday afternoon.

Spell said the doctors were concerned about the leg where the girl was bitten, as it had swollen. They were considering opening her leg to relieve the pressure.

The victim's mother spoke to local media Monday, urging parents to educate their kids on what to do if they encounter a snake.

“I’ve gone my whole life in Georgia and I’ve never encountered a snake. You tell your children there might be a snake.. there might be a snake.. but you never really have the opportunity to educate them, what to do if there’s a snake. You don’t really think that through.. as much as you should. I think that’s the overall lessons we got from all of this,” Spell said, according to WCTV. “I’ve never in my life experienced anything like it. Just pray. I mean, people ask us what can we do for you and really her body and the doctors have to do the rest.”

Lamica's mother said her daughter is now awake, but still in the hospital.

According to Britannica, rattlesnakes are not aggressive and will not attack humans unless provoked. These reptiles are shy and timid. But, they can bite someone if mishandled.

Representational image of a snake. Getty Images/ David McNew