In the upcoming film "Deadpool 3," Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool will not have the kind of close relationship the two actors have in real life.

Jackman said the film will show Wolverine and Deadpool as total opposites to the point that they "hate each other."

"How do I categorize it? Ten being really close, zero being the reality, we're zero, we're opposites, hate each other," the actor said on "The Empire Film" podcast when he was asked to reveal the relationship between the two superheroes at the beginning of the highly-anticipated movie.

"I'm just talking from my perspective, Logan's frustrated by him, wants to be a million miles away from him or wants to punch him in the head. Unfortunately, he can't be a million miles away from him in this movie, so I'm probably going to punch him in the head a lot," he continued.

Famously known as a member of the X-Men, Wolverine possesses a no-nonsense attitude coupled with a self-healing ability, immunity to most poisons, drugs and diseases and his adamantium metal claws. On the other hand, Deadpool is a disfigured, wise-cracking mercenary who is also known as the "Merc with a Mouth" because of his tendency to joke constantly.

Jackman earlier talked about how Wolverine was able to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe without messing up the Wolverine timeline.

"All because of this device they have in the Marvel world of moving around timelines, now we can go back because, you know, it's science, so I don't have to screw with the Logan timeline, which was important to me. And I think probably to the fans too," Jackman said in his interview on the "Jess Cable Show," as quoted by ComicBook.

He also revealed that it was his idea to bring back Wolverine and Deadpool together in one film.

"I had a week's vacation from the show and I was driving out and I, it just came to me like that and I rang Ryan as soon as I arrived and he was floored," Jackman revealed.

"Interestingly, he was just about to have a meeting with Kevin Feige at Marvel at five o'clock that afternoon about the "Deadpool" movie. And so he goes, 'this is really good timing, but are you really sure? Cause I don't wanna say anything.' I said, 'I'm a hundred percent sure.' And I dunno why, because I was a hundred percent sure I was out before. And then all of a sudden, I was a hundred percent in," Jackman explained.

"Deadpool 3" is set to hit theaters on Nov. 8, 2024.

"Wolverine" actor continues his "feud" with Ryan Reynolds. Logan/Facebook