“Deadpool” took several years to be made, but it doesn’t look like 20th Century Fox will make that mistake with the sequel. A second movie has reportedly received a green light.

Fox hasn’t made an official announcement about “Deadpool 2,” but the Hollywood Reporter has sources that state the movie has already been ordered. Director TJ Miller is expected to return, but a deal isn’t in place yet. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will return for the follow up, and it seems they’ve already decided on a new character to co-star with Ryan Reynolds.

Cable, an “X-Men” character, will show up in the second “Deadpool” movie, ComicBook.com reports. Cable is a character from Marvel’s “X-Men” comics, but he hasn’t shown up in the films yet. An actor still has to be cast in the role.

Cable is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor, and his powers are pretty extensive. He has telepathic, astral projection, telekinetic and mind-controlling abilities. He can also “project bolts or blasts of mental energy that are capable of easily killing or rendering unconscious another human being,” Marvel reports. He’s a great fighter too, which seems necessary for characters in a “Deadpool” movie.

The character first appeared in 1990 in the “New Mutants” series. He started being seen with Deadpool in the 2004 series “Cable & Deadpool,” which ran for 50 issues. The characters battle over a plan to bring world peace. It isn’t clear if the film will draw from that storyline or if they’ll make a completely new story for the characters.

The news of a “Deadpool” sequel is likely a relief for fans. The first film took several years to be made. After test footage leaked onto the internet and fans had an enthusiastic response, the film finally got the green light.

“This is quite literally, and I’m not exaggerating, the first Marvel, or any kind of comic book, fan movies ever made,” Reynolds said at an AOL Build event Tuesday. “It was propelled into production exclusively by the fans. They overwhelmed 20th Century Fox with tweets, Instagrams, hate mail and someone did some sky writing I think. Basically they overwhelmed them and they said ‘yes.’”

“Deadpool” hits theaters Friday. No release date for “Deadpool 2” has been set.