Actress Jessica Henwick revealed that Colleen Wing will be going through a tough time when “Marvel’s The Defenders” catches up with her. The aftermath of her revelations on “Marvel’s Iron Fist” will be explored.

On Netflix’s latest Marvel show, Colleen is revealed to be a member of The Hand, a group she thought was doing good. She didn’t realize that they were actually evil gangsters running the heroin business in Hell’s Kitchen. Ultimately, Colleen betrayed the group that she grew up with to help Danny Rand fight them. That isn’t something Colleen will be able to easily move past, though.

“We pick up with Colleen not in New York — which is crazy, as all the shows have been predominantly in New York,” Henwick told Entertainment Weekly. “We find her a month after we left her. It’s really interesting she hasn’t been able to deal with the emotional trauma she dealt with in ‘Iron Fist.’ So it builds to a head and she explodes in ‘Defenders.’”

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It might not be too surprising to hear that Colleen isn’t in New York. When viewers last saw her and Danny (Finn Jones), they were trying to get to K’un-Lun. The sanctuary had suddenly disappeared, leaving only bloodstains behind. Could the duo still be out looking for the city? It seems likely since the only photo that’s been released of Colleen from “The Defenders” seems to depict her and Danny with a helicopter.

The Defenders Colleen (Jessica Henwick) and Danny (Finn Jones) will both be in “The Defenders.” Photo: Netflix

Colleen will obviously make her way back to New York eventually. That’s where she’ll meet Misty Knight (Simone Missick), a character who knew Colleen well in the comics. Henwick also told EW that she thinks audiences will “freak out” when they see Misty Knight with her. The actress previously teased that Misty and Colleen’s dynamic brings out a new side of the dojo owner.

“It was interesting going into ‘The Defenders’ because I knew I would meet Misty at some point and I was like, ‘oh I wonder how it would be?’ But Claire and Misty are so worlds apart that it’s brought this whole other flavor to the character,” Henwick teased to Metro in March.

“The Defenders” will be released on Netflix Friday, Aug. 18.