On Wednesday, those who have followed the 2017 Delphi murders were given a previously-unseen look at the case. The behind-the-scenes perspective came courtesy of a new true-crime podcast from HLN, titled "Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders." As they tune in, listeners will get to take a closer examination at what attempts have been made to solve Abigail Williams and Liberty German's murders in Delphi, Indiana. Here's how you can listen to future episodes.

The new podcast will focus on the still-unsolved case of Williams and German's murders that took place on in 2017. On Valentine's Day that year, the bodies of Williams and German were discovered approximately half a mile from a deserted area near the Delphi Historic Trails, where they had been hiking the day before.

Prior to the first episode's release, a new clip gave listeners a look at what's to come in subsequent episodes. Giving audiences "unprecedented access," those who tune in will get to hear "key voices speaking for the first time" about what occurred. A trailer for the new project can be seen below.

Previously, it had been reported in 2019 that police had been eyeing a specific man as a suspect, Paul Etter of Indiana. However, the case has still failed to reach an official conclusion.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter elaborated on the investigation during a 2019 press conference following the release of a follow-up sketch of who they believe could have been behind the crimes. At that time, he said that he thought the person responsible could be "hiding in plain sight."

Before the release of the new podcast, Liberty German's mom, Carrie Timmons, shared her frustration with the effort of law enforcement. According to the Sun, after saying she felt as though they had failed to "fully" do their jobs regarding Abby and Libby's deaths, she then added that it seemed as though the crime scene could have been tainted due to the number of volunteers who had searched the surrounding woods. However, that was a narrative that was subsequently countered by Carter.

Those who tune in will get to explore the "mystery that still haunts the small town of Delphi, Indiana while police say the killer may walk among them" as the investigation continues.

"Down The Hill: The Delphi Murders" can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, with new episodes premiering every Wednesday through March 18.

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