Delta Airlines
Marissa Rundell had no idea that a video clip that she recorded on Feb. 6 of Susan Peirez would go viral. In this photo, a pilot for Delta Airlines checks his watch during his pre-flight routine at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, Aug. 17, 2015. Getty Images/ ROBERT ATANASOVSKI

The 19-year-old mother who shot a video of her co-passenger's outburst on a Delta flight and posted on social media, resulting in the latter getting suspended from her government job, confessed Saturday that she felt bad about how quickly things escalated.

Marissa Rundell had no idea that a video clip that she recorded on Feb. 6 of Susan Peirez — an angry co-passenger who screamed at her and a flight attendant for forcing her to sit beside a mother holding a crying baby — would go viral on Facebook.

Following the incident, which took place just before the flight was about to take off from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Peirez was escorted out of the plane.

"This lady thought she was going to be rude to me and Mason now she has no way home today," Rundell wrote on Facebook, posting a 45-second-long clip that showed Peirez arguing loudly with the flight attendant. "Thank you to the lovely Delta flight attendant for not letting this woman bully us. Karma is a b----."

"I posted it before we even took off,” Rundell told Inc. “I thought, my family's going to want to see this. By the time we landed my entire family had seen it."

Rundell said it took more than a couple of days to make her realize that all hell had broken loose. Starting Feb. 9, the mother of an eight-month-old boy started noticing comments from strangers regarding her video and eventually, reporters started approaching her with questions about the video.

"I don't [often] post really anything," on Facebook, Rundell added. "This was a one-time thing and it happened. ... I totally was caught off guard with everyone who has been watching it. I didn't even realize that many people could see what I was posting."

Reflecting back on her interaction with Peirez, Rundell said her interaction with the female co-passenger lasted around two minutes.

"Before the video [starts], she was the last person on the fight and she came back and started swearing about being in the back of the plane,” Rundell said. “I said, please don't use that language in front of my son, and she didn't even recognize I was there. She started swearing again.”

However, Rundell said, she had no idea that her decision to record the heated exchange between the woman and the flight attendant, who stepped in shortly after the Peirez started swearing at her, would lead to her co-passenger being suspended from her government job.

"I kind of feel bad for this lady. I don't know her story, she doesn't know mine. It might have been a misunderstanding. I was sharing [the video] for family members, and it started going crazy," Rundell said.

Ronni Reich, a director of public information for the New York State Council of the Arts, said on Friday: “State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally.”

“We were notified of this situation and have commenced an investigation. This employee has been removed from the office and placed on leave until further notice and until the inquiry is resolved,” added Reich, Fox News reported.

Prior to her suspension, Peirez earned $95,000 annually at her job.