While purchasing a baby monitor, this mother had no idea she would consider it a "mistake" soon after. Elise Bannister couldn't stop laughing when she saw what her baby, Finn, looked like on the VTech baby monitor she recently bought.

"When I first started it up and saw that Finn was just silently staring at the camera like something from a low-budget horror movie I absolutely lost it laughing," Bannister told TODAY. "It was hilariously creepy."

Bannister initially shared the picture on a group chat of friends. "I had no idea it would go this far!" she said.

She shared the photo on Twitter. The blue-tinted picture shows Finn in his crib with his eyes glowing. "We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake," said the caption.

The picture quickly became viral on the internet with more than 400,000 likes and 83,000 retweets.

"Is your baby baptized?" wrote a user. "If so, might want to try it again. First time clearly didn't take."

"My screen flickered when I opened this pic," wrote another person. Another user had a witty response to the comment. "Mine rotated the picture 90° a few seconds after I opened it. Definitely possessed," they wrote.

Bannister couldn't resist posting another spooky photo of her bundle of joy.

In the second picture, Finn could be seen throwing his hands up. The highlight of the photo, however, is the edited face of the baby, making him look like a horror movie character. "[T]his has blown up a bit, so I thought I'd post a normal photo of my baby so y'all can see how cute he is," Bannister wrote.

In a similar incident, a few weeks ago, another spooky baby became a hit online. A mother freaked out when she spotted a "ghost baby" sleeping next to her 18-month-old baby in the crib. She later realized that her husband had forgotten to put the mattress protector on while changing the sheets.

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Representational image of baby's feet. A father stabbed his two children in Ilford, London, before stabbing himself. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images