• "Demon's Souls Remake" may release on PlayStation 4
  • The game was launched along with Sony's PS5 on Nov. 12, 2020
  • Sony had mentioned it would continue rolling out support to PS4 

"Demon’s Souls Remake," one of the most technically impressive and biggest games on PS5, might no longer stay exclusive to Sony's new generation gaming console.

Rumors about "Demon's Souls Remake" making its way to PlayStation 4 started when Twitter user PlayStation Game Size shared this recent discovery. According to the account, the user found an entry of the game in the PlayStation database. The general assumption is that if the game's PlayStation 4 version exists within the database, then it is certainly probable its PS4 version is in the pipeline.

The Twitter account, dedicated to indexing game updates and their respective file sizes, clarified there is no direct link found on the database for "Demon's Souls Remake" on PS4, and speculated the entry could be just a test version for developers.

demon's souls ps5
Blueprint's Demon's Souls remake is gearing up to be one the premiere PS5 launch titles.

It could also be a version that was already cancelled, according to the account. The Twitter user also mentioned it could be an entry in the database, but it might not end up releasing on Sony's previous-generation gaming console.

Over the past months, several titles that were initially reported as PS5 exclusives turned out to feature cross-generation support. This included upcoming titles like "God Of War: Ragnarok," "Horizon Forbidden West", and "Gran Turismo 7," VG247 reported.

The PS5 exclusive title Marvel's "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" is another game available for Sony's older generation gaming console.

Sony has repeatedly said in the past that even though the PS5 is already out, it would continue to support the PlayStation 4. For now, it is not impossible to see "Demon's Souls Remake" release on PlayStation 4 if Sony would take the cross-gen route for the game in the future.

The game's PS5 version is visually impressive, and for it to release on the PlayStation 4 would mean sacrificing a lot, particularly in terms of technical performance and visual quality. This could include dropping the frame rate to 30 FPS.

"Demon's Souls Remake" is the recreation of the original PlayStation 3 title "Demon's Souls." It launched along with Sony's PS5 on Nov. 12, 2020. The game took advantage of the gaming console's hardware, which allowed it to showcase impressive visuals.

"Demon's Souls Remake" was developed by Bluepoint Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation blog reported in January 2021 that the game was the fifth bestselling PlayStation 5 game digitally for 2020 in the United States, Canada and all of Europe.

"Demon's Souls Remake" is currently available on PS5.