• Denzel Washington witnessed how Chadwick Boseman's wife Taylor Simone Ledward cared for him
  • The "Harriet" actor saw how much Ledward loved Boseman, so he advised the latter to marry her
  • Washington believes that certain members of Boseman's team knew that he had been battling cancer

Denzel Washington was among the people who saw how much Taylor Simone Ledward cared for Chadwick Boseman when he was alive, so he told the "Black Panther" star to marry her.

Many were surprised when Boseman passed away after his family announced that he succumbed to cancer after battling it for four years because they were not aware that he was sick. Fans were also shocked after learning that he was already married. Washington, 65, revisited the time when he advised Boseman to marry Ledward.

"It's fascinating that nobody knew. Well, credit to him; he kept it to himself. It was nobody's business. He was there to deliver and he delivered," Washington was quoted by Entertainment Weekly as saying.

"Certain members of his team knew. His wife was there. They weren't even married yet," he added recalling how Ledward would accompany Boseman to work.

Washington witnessed how much she looked after the "42" actor, and it convinced him that she would make a good wife for Boseman.

"And I used to watch how she took care of him, and I actually said to him, I said, 'Man, you know, you need to put a ring on that finger,' cause she kept her eye on him and she watched him. And I'm like, 'Man, she loves that guy.' You know, but I didn't know what we know now," Washington continued.

Clarke Peters also witnessed how Simone Ledward was there for Boseman when they filmed "Da 5 Bloods." The "Harriet" star regretted the way he judged Boseman because he thought the success of "Black Panther" went to the actor's head because everyone was fawning over him.

Boseman had a Chinese practitioner massaging his back and his girlfriend holding his hand during breaks. When Peters learned that they were there to take care of Boseman due to his condition, which he kept a secret from the public, he was very sorry.

"I regret even having those thoughts because they were really looking after him," he said.

Boseman's fans only learned about his marriage to Ledward when his family announced his passing on social media. In the announcement, it mentioned "wife."

"He died in his home, with his wife and family by his side," Boseman's family wrote on Instagram.

Boseman and Ledward were romantically linked since 2015. They got engaged in October 2019 and had a secret wedding before his death.

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