The parents of 26-year-old aspiring model Desiree Gibbon from Queens, New York, who was found dead in Jamaica with her throat slit and body soaked in blood, Sunday poked through the dense vegetation in horror and vain to find clues about their daughter’s horrifying heath.

Gibbon’s mother, Andrea Cali-Gibbon, desperately searched for a pair of Tory Burch sandals that were missing when authorities first discovered the victim, New York Daily News reported. The report stated how Andrea was in a state of shock while searching the overgrowth.

Speaking of her daughter’s death, she said, “I’m just lost. I’m on autopilot — going through the motions. Completely numb.”

Andrea believes her daughter knew the person who was responsible for her death.

Speaking to CBS News, Andrea said, “My belief is it was a cold, calculated, planned out murder. It wasn’t a random act of violence. It is somebody she knew, somebody she trusted, and somebody who betrayed her.”

Her father, Gairy Gibbons, who had spoken to the investigators Saturday, said he would have preferred to die instead of his daughter.

“I loved her very much. The kind of love I had for this child, it pains me to know that she died like this,” he said.

Gairy also joined Andrea on Sunday in search for clues and said it saddens him his daughter’s body was found in such a dark place.

“From where she comes from in New York — where there are lights ... to be left here on some dark road to die like this. It must be somebody’s worst fear, especially if you are a woman, to be up against overwhelming strength,” he added.

Gibbon was found dead on the side of the road in the small town of St. James parish, Anchovy, about 4 miles away from Montego Bay, Nov. 26 morning.

She was nicknamed “Desi” and was raised in Hollis, New York. Reports said Gibbons attended the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in Astoria, Queens, New York, for a year and later graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside. Reports also stated Gibbon had always been an active participant in beauty pageants, modeling and acting.

She had reached Jamaica on Oct. 20 on a three-month visa, in order to look for a job in the country’s tourism industry. Gibbon was staying at a hotel owned by her grandmother in Montego Bay, a city in Jamaica.

Speaking to New York Daily News, Andrea had also revealed her daughter loved traveling and experiencing new cultures.

"We were very close, so you can imagine, when I got the news, 'devastated' doesn’t begin to describe it. There are just no words for this tragic event. We are destroyed and broken beyond repair," she added.

Recalling her daughter’s last phone call Thanksgiving night, Andrea said her daughter told her, "It’s finally happening, Mom. I’m in the right place at the right time."