Stereotypes that often depict African-Americans as either hoodlums or athletes, actors, or musicians had always touched the thoughts of the Carter brothers. They always felt the achievements of professionals like businessmen, doctors, attorneys, and lawyers from the Black community get little or no attention in the popular domains. The determination of being successful in life and giving back to society has always been their driving force. And today, Stephen Carter and Dr. Sterling Carter, the twin brothers and founders of Sterling Staffing Solutions have turned their determination to the establishment of an award-winning multimillion-dollar company.

They find themselves destined to be here today with their staffing firm, Sterling Staffing Solutions, especially at a time when the US faces the twin problems of skilled staff shortages and "the great resignation".

The journey to where they are today was not at all easy for the Carter brothers. They suffered the pain of losing their father, a Vietnam war veteran when they were very young. They remember their father finding solace in alcohol due to his suffering from Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) in his later years. With a single mom, the young brothers had to figure out a way to pay for their schooling.

"Our mother was a very strong woman from Mississippi. She was one of the first in her family to obtain a degree. And she went on to get a master's degree as well. She said going to school is not even an option for you, that is something you have to do. We were trying to use our academics as a way to hopefully get some type of scholarship to go to school", Sterling Carter remembers.

Sterling Staffing Solutions
Sterling Staffing Solutions Sterling Staffing Solutions

Today their company, Sterling Staffing Solutions, staffs more than 800 physical, occupational and speech licensed therapists, nurses and medical social workers throughout Texas and Oklahoma. And the company continues to grab prestigious local and national awards across the US.

They founded the company in 2011 and started it initially as a physical therapy staffing firm. Today their business has expanded from just physical therapy to occupational therapy, nursing and speech therapy. And they provide additional professionally licensed clinicians across the country.

Seeking a backup plan to fund their education and support their mom led them to consider the option of joining the army. Coming from a military family, it seemed like the logical choice. They joined the Army reserves as high schoolers and also went to basic training after graduating from high school.

"We went to our first-year college and went to our job training as they call it. We were kind of army weekend warriors! Little did we know that we would be called up to serve our country. Just a couple of years after going through that process we were pulled out of school and we went off to fight", remembers Stephen Carter.

The training and service in the army changed the way they look at themselves and the world around them. Army experience made them more mature and focused. And it reinforced work ethics, discipline and leadership in their lives. It made a longstanding impact both on their personal and professional lives. It equipped them to be real leaders in the business world.

"Military life taught us to be men at a very young age. So we were much more focused and mature than probably a lot of our counterparts. We would wake up at four or five in the morning every day. We would continue to have that discipline throughout our lives. So we really attribute a lot of our success to the focus and military mindset that we had from that point forward", says Stephen Carter.

It was Dr Sterling's idea to create a healthcare staffing company. He had already started his physical therapy practice way back in 2008. The only assistance he required at the time was a partner who had business expertise and financial backing. His twin brother Stephen was a natural choice, and together they founded their staffing firm and developed it into what it is today.

Sterling Staffing Solutions has grown to be an award-winning multimillion-dollar company today. The twin brothers and founders of the firm have expanded their business to empower the 'extended healthcare' space. Today they provide services to clients such as physical therapy facilities, Home health agencies, Healthcare tech companies, Mobile physical therapy clinics, Diagnostic centers and more. The Carter brothers also published their Amazon bestselling business book, 'Double Your Success: Principles to Build a Multimillion-dollar Business'. Their success story continues to inspire emerging entrepreneurs from any and all walks of life.