The new seasonal armor ornament set in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted
The new seasonal armor ornament set in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bungie


  • Arc 3.0 is coming together with Season 18
  • Hunters and Titans are getting new movement abilities
  • The Arc is designed for "press W" style gameplay

Bungie has revealed the changes and additions coming to the Arc subclass update for "Destiny 2" Season 18, promising an electrifying new way to play the game.

Here's a summary of all the improvements in Arc 3.0.

General Playstyle

The Arc element itself is getting reworked in the coming update to have its own identity. Now, Arc will focus on three main actions with the following effects:

  • Amplified – gain increased handling and movement speed after chaining Arc damage kills
  • Blind – prevents enemies from seeing and causes a flashbang effect in PvP
  • Jolt – causes enemies to send chain lightning out to other targets

Additionally, all Guardians will be able to generate Ionic Traces via aspects and fragments. According to the developers, they wanted Arc 3.0 to be the "Hold W subclass" that rewards aggressive play.

The original Arcstrider subclass screen from Destiny 2
The original Arcstrider subclass screen from Destiny 2 Destiny 2


  • Aspects
    • Juggernaut – gain a frontal shield that blocks damage while sprinting
    • Touch of Thunder – Arc grenades have increased functionality
    • Knockout – melee kills regenerate health and amplify the Titan. Critically wounding or breaking enemy shields increases the Titan's melee damage and range. Melee attacks deal Arc damage when Knockout is active
    • Supers
      • Thundercrash
      • Fists of Havoc – top and bottom tree nodes merged together
      • Abilities
        • Seismic Strike
        • Ballistic Slam
        • New "One Punch Man"-inspired melee attack
        • Titans can replace Barricade with a dodge ability


  • Aspects
    • Flow State – defeating Jolted opponents grant Amplified. Gain increased dodge regeneration, shorter reload times and damage resistance when Amplified
    • Tempest Strike – unchanged
    • Lethal Current – melee attacks Jolt enemies and gain increased lunge range after dodging. Arc Staff hits twice after dodging
    • Supers
      • Arc Staff – now has intrinsic block ability
      • New one-shot Arc Staff throw Super
      • Abilities
        • Disorienting Blow
        • Combination Blow
        • Hunters can use Blink again


  • Aspects
    • Arc Soul – mostly unchanged; when Amplified, Arc Soul fires faster
    • Lightning Surge – melee while sliding to transform into a ball of lightning
    • Electrostatic Mind – Arc ability kills, and defeating Arc-debuffed targets will spawn Ionic Traces that Amplify the Warlock
    • Supers
      • Stormtrance – now has intrinsic Blink and Stormfall
      • Chaos Reach
      • Abilities
        • Ball Lightning
        • Chain Lightning – now Jolts targets

When Amplified, all Arc Warlock abilities gain additional effects.

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