'Deus Ex'
"Deus Ex: The Fall" may have been teased on Twitter by Eidos. deusex.com

Earlier today, Eidos Montreal, developer of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," teased a possible sequel to the critically acclaimed FPS RPG on its official Twitter account.

Since then, it posted another tweet on its account, which offers a clue as to what the next installment in the "Deus Ex" series could feature.

According to the official "Deus Ex" wiki page, Ben Saxon has only appeared in "Deus Ex: Icarus Effect" (a novel). In "Icarus Effect," Saxon is an augmented soldier working for a private military corporation. At one point in the book, he and his employers are planning an attack on Sarif Industries and Adam Jensen, the corporation and protagonist from "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," though Saxon ultimately is diverted away from both and handed a different assignment.

This could mean that "Deus Ex: The Fall" will put players in the role of Saxon. If so, will the player be tasked with infiltrating Sarif and squaring off with Jensen? Time will tell.

Are you looking forward to a "Deus Ex: The Fall" annoucement? What do you think of the above tweet? Did you read "Deus Ex: Icarus Effect"? Sound off in the comments below.