“Devious Maids”
Find out who met their demise during the Season 4 premiere of “Devious Maids,” guest-starring Eva Longoria. Lifetime

You can run, Eva, but you can’t hide! The Season 4 premiere of “Devious Maids” begins with Eva Longoria, who also acts as an executive producer on the hit Lifetime series, sprinting for her life (in heels, might we add). But the actress, sporting a maid’s uniform, isn’t able to outrun the knife-wielding psycho chasing her down. Eva’s lifeless body is then found by an Evelyn Powell lookalike who accidentally kicks the corpse as she enters the blood-soaked room.

“Ow!” Eva shouts, revealing that she’s only acting. “You stepped on me!”

But Peri (Mariana Klaveno), Eva’s co-star, replies that it’s Eva’s own fault that she was kicked. After all, Eva was the one who collapsed on her mark.

As the ladies fight, Marisol (Ana Ortiz) witnesses the drama go down on set from behind the camera. She reveals that watching her book get turned into a big studio movie isn’t as glamorous as she thought — especially when her cast gives her their dinner orders, then calls her story about Latinas racist.

“Not all maids are Latina, but these ones are,” Marisol argues, only to have Peri respond that if they change Eva’s race they could get a “much better actor” to replace her. Eva throws down her apron and quits, telling Peri that she is the meanest person she’s ever worked with, “and I worked on ‘Desperate Housewives,’” she cleverly adds.

And while Peri might be mean, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) proves to be the baddest of all. Fans get a taste at just how bitter the grieving socialite is when she begins to mourn her losses. “It’s been a devastating six months. ... I’m a survivor, I will always survive,” she tells friends.

But Evelyn isn’t referring to the death of her husband Adrian (Tom Irwin), who was thought to have died in the deadly Season 3 finale. Instead it’s revealed that she’s mourning the loss of her enormous home, which turned to ashes in the explosion. Adrian, who was in the home when it blew up, reveals that the accident paralyzed him. “But the doctors are optimistic,” Evelyn chimes in as her husband enters the room in a remote-controlled chair.

And Adrian wasn’t the only character who survived the Season 3 finale. It’s also revealed that Zoila made it out alive following her near-death while giving birth. But, unfortunately, her baby didn’t — a death Zoila blames on Genevieve (Susan Lucci), who told doctors to make Zoila’s life a priority.

“I thought I could do this … I can’t,” Zoila says of working with her former employer once again. “Six months ago you had to make a choice — a horrible choice — between the life of a baby and my life. And you made the wrong one. I understand why you did it. And I know I shouldn’t blame you, but I do. I blame you. I’m angry all the time. And everything inside me hurts, and I don’t know how to feel OK again. Being in this place all the time and seeing you every day. I can’t.”

Zoila then quit, leaving Genevieve without her friend and one less maid. But it didn’t take Genevieve long before passing Zoila’s feather duster torch to her newest employee. In episode 1, the socialite embraced Rosie, who was feeling quite down herself after Spence, who was suffering amnesia, told Rosie that she had destroyed his family.

Spence was still having trouble remembering the last three years of his life after getting attacked in the Season 3 finale. And Peri wasn’t helping her ex uncover his lost memories. In fact, she was trying to keep them buried with the help of Spence’s sponsor. But after another head-bashing slip, Spence’s memories flood his brain — including the sweet memories he has of Rosie.

In a fit of rage (caused by whiskey), Spence throws his ex-wife against the wall, accusing her of lying to him. He then tells Peri that he will get revenge. But the comment, which was caught on tape, will come back to bite him after her finds Peri dead with her beloved America’s Choice trophy lodged into her neck.

But that’s not all the drama that was swept up in the Season 4 premiere. Carmen’s “cousin” Daniela makes a surprise visit to Los Angeles, hoping to spend some quality time with her long-distant family member. But Carmen is anything but excited to see Daniela. She reveals to Adrian (Tom Irwin) that Daniela isn’t her cousin but her daughter who she gave up after having as a teenager. The scandal-loving socialite then suggests Daniela move into their home while she’s on vacation — a decision Carmen feels uncomfortable with.

Although Carmen never reveals to Daniela that she’s her mother, she does explain that the reason she’s so distant is that she wanted to impress Daniela — something she felt she couldn’t do as a maid/wannabe singer. But Daniela revealed she was proud of her cousin for following her dreams — even it meant cleaning a mansion until she reached them. But meeting Carmen wasn’t Daniela’s only reason for visiting Los Angeles — the aspiring actress also had another motive: to become rich and famous. Hoping to do that, Daniela decided to crash a celebrity party, which ended up being Peri’s bash. That is where she witnessed Peri and Spence’s entire brawl.

Carmen isn’t the only character from “Devious Maids” keeping a secret. It’s also revealed that Adrian can walk but is keeping his mobility to himself with the hopes of keeping Evelyn from divorcing him.

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