Diablo 3 - Crusader
The Crusader class features a wide array of Holy attacks Blizzard Entertainment


  • Play through the campaign on Expert difficulty for extra XP rewards
  • Secondary characters can be leveled up more quickly by using specific items
  • The Gem of Ease can be used to remove the level requirement of an item

The coming of every new season effectively resets everyone's seasonal character progress in "Diablo 3." This includes Paragon levels, artisan progress, stash purchases and more.

Leveling up a new character at the beginning of a new season can take a while, but players can fly through the levels surprisingly quickly if they know what they're doing. The whole process is faster with a friend, but even solo players can reach max level in no time if they do things properly.

Power Leveling Fresh Characters

The first new character of every season will always take the longest to level up since players are essentially starting from scratch. They won't have access to many of the important items and effects needed for faster leveling, but there are ways to make this first run go by faster.

Diablo 3 - Depth Diggers
Depth Diggers increases the damage of primari abilities by 100% Diablo 3

Playing on at least Expert difficulty is highly recommended for players who want to level up fast. However, not all classes are capable of clearing elite and champion packs quickly at this difficulty, and if this is the case, feel free to revert to Hard mode.

It's also better to go through the campaign instead of farming Adventure Mode as the bonus XP from quests can go a long way.

Leveling Alternate Characters

Once players get enough gear and Paragon points from their first character, leveling up alts will be much easier compared to the first run. Alternate characters can begin on higher difficulty levels so long as they're geared properly.

Here's a list of recommended items to equip when leveling new characters:

  • Socketed helmet + Imperial Ruby or better
  • Socketed weapon + Imperial Ruby or better
  • Cain's Fate armor set (three pieces) slotted with class-appropriate gems

These items plus the Depth Diggers' legendary effect are enough to make Torment I runs on low-level characters a breeze.

Gem of Ease

If players can find and max out a Gem of Ease when farming Greater Rifts, they can use it to remove the level requirement of a piece of gear. This will let Level 1 players equip a Level 70 item to make leveling even faster.

However, this will require plenty of time and luck.

Diablo 3 - Gem of Ease
The Gem of Ease can only be obtained in Greater Rifts Diablo 3