Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne. REUTERS

A few months back, rapper Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III’s production company QD3 Entertainment, charging it used Lil Wayne’s music without a license in the documentary film “The Carter 3.” Now TMZ has released a video of Wayne’s June 20 deposition, showing the rapper refusing to play along with Jones’s legal counsel and possibly making threats against the lawyer.

The documentary in question, "The Carter 3," made its debut in 2009 and follows Lil Wayne in the production of an album. The documentary was created by QD3 Entertainment, which is owned by Quincy Jones III, son of legendary producer Quincy Jones. Wayne says the entertainment company did not seek permission for the music used in the film.

In the deposition video, Weezy gives Jones’s lawyer, Pete Ross, an extremely hard time, refusing to give a solid answer to any of his questions.

When asked about the image Wayne attempted to portray in the media, the rapper was extremely combative, insisting that he only portrayed himself as Dwayne Carter, his legal name.

“How would I describe my image in the media? I wouldn’t describe it. … I don’t have to. I don’t portray anything. I am who I am, and you guys portray what you get,” he told Ross.

Lil Wayne then became impatient with Ross, curtly dismissing his questions before Ross was even finished asking. “I don’t have to wait for anything, honestly,” he said. “I mean, this guy right here [referring to the judge] may tell me that I have to wait, but personally, I don’t have to.”

After that, the video takes a bizarre turn as the rapper appears to threaten Jones’ lawyer.

“You know he can’t save you, right? In the real world. That guy right there, he can’t save you in the real world. Just so you know.”

“I don’t have to elaborate,” the rapper stated when asked about the meaning of his “real world” comment.

Was Lil Wayne’s statement a threat? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Watch video of the deposition below, courtesy of TMZ.