House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions during her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol June 22, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

During her weekly press conference Thursday, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi awkwardly giggled during a question about North Korea's recent ICBM. The response by the California Democrat was widely mocked by conservative outlets on social media.

"Kim Jong Un," the journalist said in the press conference, "has been celebrating their ICBM launch with some cultural" events, and before the reporter could finish his question seemed to Pelosi laughed awkwardly.

The reporter was referring to North Korea's state media KRT airing footage of Kim attending a performance held in celebration of the firing of the intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 last week, according to a Tuesday report by the Associated Press.

"Leading the bill at the concert was the Moranbong Band, an all-female ensemble that was handpicked by Kim and serves as something of the 'soft' face of his regime," the report reads, adding that songs performed included "Song of Hwasong Rocket" and "Make Others Envy Us."

After the question was revealed to be about whether or not the west coast of the United States was in danger of being attacked by North Korea, Pelosi regained her composure. The longtime congresswoman was quick to point out that she had visited the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.

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Conservative media outlets and Twitter users had a field day with the clip of Pelosi's response, with one user asking rhetorically "senile much?" and conservative news outlet Truth Feed running the headline Friday: "WTH??? Talk of North Korea’s Nukes Makes Pelosi GIGGLE Like a Mental Patient."

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Pelosi, who had finished answering a question about President Trump possibly eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts, had actually begun giggling before the reporter began the question and others at the press conference could be overheard laughing, as well.

Last week, Pelosi took a strong stance against North Korea when it was reported that the country had launched ICBM missiles.

"North Korea’s ICBM launch is a deeply irresponsible and provocative act. A North Korean ICBM with the range suggested by this test is a grave development for the stability of the region and the security of the United States," Pelosi's statement read.

"The United States must work with our regional partners, especially Japan and South Korea, to ensure the security of the region," she continued. China and Russia must also meet their responsibility to restrain North Korea’s dangerous belligerence. We must be extremely wary of saber-rattling sliding into dangerous escalation."

International Business Times reached out for comment from Pelosi's office but received no response.