Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II
There is no evidence that confirms Prince Philip ever cheated on his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. Pictured: Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II wave to the crowd from the balcony of the city hall 'Roemer' on June 25, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Getty Images/Thomas Lohnes

Netflix’s hit series, “The Crown,” is receiving tons of praises among its viewers, but there are also some controversies surrounding the portrayal of the royal family members.

In a previous episode, Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) speculated on the possibility that Prince Philip (Matt Smith) is cheating on her. Even though she wasn’t able to prove anything, her majesty was convinced that Prince Philip has been hooking up with other women – or at least flirting with them.

But Sammy Bedell Smith, a historian, recently told NBC News that it is impossible for Prince Philip to cheat on his wife even though he is a bit of a “smart aleck.” “I think it’s a very one-dimensional portrait. Yes, he has always loved to make the smart-aleck remark. But most often, he has deployed that irreverence to relax people when they’re around the queen,” she said.

In the series, Prince Philip is also portrayed as a “constantly smirking” and “constantly disgruntled” man, but Smith believes that the real Prince Philip is the exact opposite. The series also implied that the prince had an affair with Galina Ulanova, a Russian ballerina.

Meanwhile, Smith is not the only expert to debunk the storylines in “The Crown.” Camilla Tomney, an editor and columnist at the Sunday Express, said that the storylines in the series are a “complete fabrication.”

“The queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been married for 70 years – an amazing milestone for any couple but particularly one who have lived through the trials and tribulations of royal life with the world looking on. None of the more controversial lines in ‘The Crown’ can change the fact that they have had one of the longest, happiest and most successful marriages in royal history,” she said.

As of late, Queen Elizabeth II has not yet publicly debunked the stories in “The Crown,” but it is believed that she watches the series. In December, the queen appeared to give a nod to the show during her Christmas speech when she talked about the speech of technological change, according to Vanity Fair.