Body language experts recently analyzed Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s relationship with each other for the past 70 years.

According to Blanca Cobb, the author of “Methods of the Masters,” Prince Philip has so much love and affection for his wife, and it’s evident during some of their public appearances.

In their photo from 1972, Queen Elizabeth II is standing beside Prince Philip, and he moved his cane away from the queen so he could stand closer to her.

Patti Wood told Good Housekeeping that the queen appears to be guarded especially during their public sightings. But Prince Philip would typically lean closer to her or look at her closely to ease the tension.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sometimes hold hands in public. At times, the queen holds her husband’s arm so she could guide her when she walks or goes up and down the stairs.

“This type of hand hold is seen time and time again. It’s more formal than interlocking fingers but it’s unique to them. It’s their way of reassurance and comfort,” Wood said.

“In her older years, the queen holds hands with the Prince for assistance as opposed to affection,” Wood added. In one instance, Prince Philip is looking directly at Queen Elizabeth to make sure that she’s doing well. “He’s completely in tune with her needs,” the body language expert added.

Meanwhile, both experts also analyzed by body language of Prince William and Kate Middleton towards their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Cobb said that both parents are so attentive to their children’s emotional needs that they don’t have any problem bending over to them regardless if they are in public.

Prince William also appears to be his son’s protector. “William is also letting his son determine how much he needs him. Here, Prince George is only holding on to his father with a few fingers, proving that he feels comfortable in the situation,” Wood said about Prince George and Prince William’s photo while talking to an unnamed woman.