It seemed as though her “My Sister Wife’s Closet” jewelry business was a successful one which helped bring the cash-strapped Brown family some extra income. However, fans are beginning to think that “Sister Wives” star Robyn Brown has shut the business down completely amid the family’s continued financial woes.

Fans who were attempting to see the jewelry collection on its website ahead of the Mother’s Day holiday (one of the busiest times of year for jewelry retailers) were disappointed when they got to the site and instead found the entire collection wiped from it, with a pop-up message stating that the collection was being updated and the website would be running again soon. The site still has yet to be updated, and fans have also noticed that Robyn, who heads up the business, has also gone silent on the company’s social media accounts as well.

It’s unclear if the business is officially shut down or not, as the family hasn’t commented on their individual social media channels about it, though it’s worth noting that the My SisterWife’s Closet account on Instagram (which has not updated since March), has taken a long hiatus in the past. At one point, Robyn neglected to update the page for three years, posting in December 2014 and then not doing so again until October 2017.

If the business was shut down though, it comes at a questionable time for the family, who have been struggling financially since they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona last year. When they moved, Robyn, Janelle and Meri moved into rental properties in their new city, while Christine purchased a home. In addition, Kody purchased a massive lot of land known as Coyote Pass that was split into four different parcels for the family to build their new houses on.

However, they have not had luck when it comes to selling off the homes they left behind in Las Vegas, which has put a strain on their bottom line, something Kody claimed would happen if they didn’t sell the houses quickly.

As of now, three of the four houses have sold with Christine’s still on the market. However, while Robyn’s home sold in February and Meri and Janelle’s sold in the last few weeks, none of the women managed to get the original listing price in the process.

In addition, the family is behind on the property tax payments required on their land at Coyote Pass. It was previously reported that the total owed, plus interest on the two parcels in question was $5,634.82. With the money problems, it would be a strange time for the jewelry line to go out of business, especially since their show has not yet been renewed for another season.

Of course, there are still some other successful businesses on the side, including Meri’s jobs as a LulaRoe consultant and her Nevada Bed and Breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.