Fresh off of the “Sister Wives” reunion where she and Kody claimed they were once again committed to their marriage and were starting over after her catfishing scandal, some are beginning to wonder if Meri Brown is once again having an online flirtation with another man.

Shortly after it was noticed that despite having an active presence on social media, Meri’s husband was conspicuously absent from her posts, In Touch points out that Meri may be trying to start up a flirtation with a man she met while on her recent cruise to Puerto Rico.

Meri shared an image of herself with two men from the cruise earlier in April and shared that she had won a bottle of rum during the adventure, but since she didn’t drink, she handed it off to them. Though the comments seem to have since been deleted, the publication noted that one of the men, Keith Patrick, had commented on it and thanked her for the gift, encouraging her to send some more friends to Puerto Rico later on. Meri then allegedly commented back, stating that she planned to come back again at some point since she hadn’t seen enough of San Juan when she was there initially.

Since then, it’s been pointed out that Meri has begun liking posts on his Instagram account, including the most recent one, where he revealed he had returned to his hometown in Missouri for a visit.

However, while Meri may be interacting with him on social media, it’s also worth noting that he has not appeared in any other photos on her Instagram, and while he may not have a Twitter account, if he does, Meri does not follow him there either. By comparison, when she was involved in her Catfishing scandal after her divorce from Kody a few years ago, she had seemingly followed the man she believed to be “Sam” on multiple platforms.

As a result, it seems unlikely that the alleged “flirtation” is a sign she is looking away from Kody once again, though fans are likely to believe she might be seeking a relationship elsewhere because of the absence he has had on her social media accounts in recent months, especially after her own recent post where she admitted that she was having a hard time adjusting to life in Flagstaff, where the family moved last year, and that a part of her missed Las Vegas and the life they had built for themselves there.

This all comes after the couple admitted during the Season 8 Tell-All on TLC that they were headed back to a place where their relationship was on the mend after it was strained for years following the divorce and catfish scandals.

“We have a commitment to a marriage. We’ve had to discover our new baseline. It changes through the years...We’re moving forward. We’re steadily working on a direction that’s fully mended,” Kody said at the time.

“We are dating,” he added. “We literally got to a place that was nasty. We’re not doing that anymore. It’s a new date, a new girlfriend, a new person.”

“Sister Wives” has not yet been picked up for another season on TLC.