• President Trump tweeted what many saw as a partial concession, referring to a "Biden administration" that would last "for years"
  • Trump has also urged the Supreme Court to use an ongoing Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results
  • Trump has sent out an accidental concession before and walked it back soon after

President Donald Trump has tweeted a message that many are taking as a concession in the U.S. presidential election. The post in question references a “Biden administration” that will last for “years.”

While the tweet has social media buzzing about Trump possibly conceding, with the phrase "#TrumpConceded" going viral on the platform Friday, the rest of the message’s content makes it a partial concession at best. 

In the statement, Trump seemingly goes on to reference the ongoing Texas case to overturn the election results through the Supreme Court.

Texas’ long-shot case argues that the election results of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are invalid because of some fraudulent voting, CNN reports. 

The case comes as Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is under federal investigation for bribery and abuse, leading to widespread speculation that the suit is simply a bid for him to get one of the many pardons Trump has handed out to political allies.

The court’s last election case, a challenge to Pennsylvania’s results heard this Tuesday, received only a one-sentence unsigned order.

This is not the first time Trump accidentally tweeted out an implied concession. On Nov. 15, he seemed to admit that President-elect Joe Biden “won” only to clarify hours later that he concedes “nothing” and that the election was “rigged.”

In response to Trump's new tweet, reactions online have ranged from confused to triumphant to despairing as users debate whether this really was a concession. Some have attacked Trump for mixed messaging.

President Trump President Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat to clear winner Joe Biden. Photo: AFP / SAUL LOEB