“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” as of Mar. 2019 has grossed more than $116.5 million with $30.7 million sales in Canada and the US and $85.8 million international sales from Fox distributed markets. It is the 11th best-selling anime film of all time. Now, a report claims that Disney is currently working a live-action “Dragon Ball” movie, and fans have hilarious reactions.

The official Twitter account of WeGotThisCovered recently shared that Disney is currently working on a new live-action “Dragon Ball” movie. Additionally, the report claims that the rumored film will feature an all-Asian cast. Unlike other anime fan base, “Dragon Ball” fandom is generally not pleased about the concept of a live-action “Dragon Ball” movie.

Hollywood tried to bring the popular anime and manga series to the big screen and called it “Dragon Ball Evolution.” The film was slammed by both fans and critics and in the end, was viewed as another front of cash-cowing the popular series. But, if the rumor is true, it seems that Disney is going to give it another try.

Disney Reportedly Making Live-Action 'Dragon Ball' Movie; Fans' Reactions Hilarious Disney Reportedly Making Live-Action 'Dragon Ball' Movie; Fans' Reactions Hilarious Photo: Instacodez

As expected, fans are not pleased with the rumor that a live-action “Dragon Ball” movie is happening soon. In fact, most of them either dismissed the rumor as fake news or find the idea revolting. So far, Toei Animation has not yet disclosed if it has plans of bringing the anime to life.

Additionally, the live-action anime adaptation has a not-so-cool reputation among anime fans. Movie adaptations like “Ghost in the Shell” and “Death Note” further marred the genre while a movie like “Detective Pikachu” underlines what could take place if the anime is done correctly on the big screen. Despite the news, fans are hoping that “Dragon Ball” maintains its track and is more excited looking forward to the sequel of the popular anime “Dragon Ball Super” instead of seeing another live-action movie.

The manga version of the popular “Dragon Ball” franchise is now getting more exciting, with Gohan taking the spotlight. The promotional anime “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” is now at its peak with the upcoming battle between Hearts and Gogeta. Meanwhile, check out fans’ reactions on Twitter about the rumored live-action “Dragon Ball” movie.