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Demi Lovato's hit show Sonny with a Chance will carry on production without the star for the next season, this was confirmed by Disney's representatives to Variety. But the channel is making adjustments to buy time to allow Demi to recover from her rehab stint.

The representatives told the magazine that the show will now focus on the comedy programme So Random!, in which Sonny's character appears. The show will feature guest star performances and digital shorts.

This allows her the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure, again, we extend our ongoing support to Demi and her family as she works to overcome personal issues, a Disney channel source told Variety.

Lovato quit her Jonas Brother's tour midway in Brazil after a reported flare-up with a back-up dancer. It was reported that the Disney star, suffering from depression and 'emotional and physical issues', entered into a treatment facility to deal with these issues.

There were also rumours that Lovato slipped into depressed after her break up with Joe Jonas and that she was fighting substance-abuse problems.

Demi's father, Patrick Lovato, said in an interview, that he had been worried about the pressure his daughter would face as a child star.

But always in the back of my mind, I was concerned. Because at that young age, it's really hard. She worked 300 out of 365 days touring, and then of course when you get back into town, you've got all the promotional stuff. I'm sure she sees the things she missed out on, schoolmates and things, he said in an interview to Los Angeles Times.

Experts in the fields also advise some time off after her rehab stint to get some time to recover and then get back to the grind of stardom.