When your marriage is on the rocks, a quick getaway at some luxurious hotel with a hanging “Do Not Disturb” sign at the door may save it. A marriage therapist attests to the success of this private time in taking care of marital woes.

Many couples experience stress from the daily mundane tasks that hound them. There’s work, house chores, and even personal needs that could cause tempers to flare at the slightest triggering factor. Such issues can lead to daily arguments that could take a toll on the relationship.

However, a sexual marital therapist, Nikki Green, has one short piece of advice. A straightforward solution she provided was for couples to check into a luxurious hotel. Doing this can instantly rev up that sexy feeling and find intimacy once more with your partner.

“A lot has to do with the fact you’re away from the daily grind, you can invent yourself. There are the thrill and excitement of being in a new place, a sense of adventure about it,” said Green.

A quick getaway at a hotel can do wonders in saving a marriage. Ana Maria Moroz - Pexels

This has been quite effective in several relationships, even between couples who have been arguing daily. The secret lies in the place where the couple could not connect with any discord that they previously had.

At home, or in their usual bedroom, there would always be that energetic tie that will remind them of sleepless nights or relentless arguments. This could not be found in a swanky hotel that you and your partner have never been to before.

As per South China Morning Post’s report, 53-year-old Alistair Bond credited their five-night Bali resort stay as the key that saved their marriage. According to Bond, he and his wife were not able to do something like it since their honeymoon. Without the kids around, without the pressures, it was an excellent chance for him and his spouse to enjoy each other’s company again. Bond described it as “a chance to remember what fun we used to have.”

Green said that based on her experience as a therapist, many women fear that their kids would overhear them having sex. At other times, they fear that it would be the domestic helper.

When you and your spouse are at a five-star hotel, these things will not bother you anymore. You can simply focus on your partner and reminisce about how you had so much fun being with each other in your very own private moments.