A Hong Kong doctor, who was arrested in January for taking photos of a male nurse in the shower, had hundreds of nude photos of his patients on his phone, police said Thursday.

The 25-year-old doctor, whose name was not revealed, worked at a public hospital where he took pictures of a male nurse showering at the quarters. Hong Kong's Hospital Authority received a complaint and then informed the police. The doctor was taken into custody Jan. 12 and released on bail a few days later.

During investigation, police found hundreds of images, including nude photos of patients, on the doctor’s phone. The officers then identified two patients, both in their 20s, and called one of them for an interview. The patient revealed the accused had taken pictures of his private parts during consultation sessions, the South China Morning Post reported.

A spokeswoman of the hospital said the doctor was suspended from the hospital and ordered to not contact any of the patients. She added that the doctor’s medical school was also alerted about the incident.

Leung Pak-yin, the head of Hong Kong's Hospital Authority, said Thursday that no attempt was made to conceal the case after the doctor’s arrest in January.

“It would be fairer to both sides to disclose the case after police finish investigating and establish enough evidence for a prosecution,” he said.

He added that if the doctor was found guilty of the crimes, his case would be referred to the Medical Council, which would then consider revoking his license to practice. The investigation was ongoing.

This is a representational picture of a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in Birmingham, England, June 14, 2006. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images