Rumors have swirled for years that Andre 3000's solo album is on the way. But according to singer Cee Lo Green, stage fright has kept the "Outkast" rapper from recording any new music. Reuters

Andre 3000's longtime friend Cee Lo Green has provided a little more insight into the status of Andre 3000's debut solo album.

Speaking to MTV's "RapFix Live," Green revealed that Andre actually isn't recording any new music due to "severe" stage fright.

“He just said he had a severe case of stage fright and just kind of been away from the game and didn’t know if he could truly live up…” said Green,

The singer quickly felt that he may have over shared, adding, “I just feel like I’m talking too much personal stuff. I hope he don’t mind.”

Talk of Andre Three Stacks' first solo album has been around for years. But no official word has surfaced about the highly anticipated project.

On August 3, BET executive Stephen Hill added to the speculation after he said that Andre 3000 told him that he prepping a solo LP for the beginning of 2014.

Hill shared a snippet of the conversation he had with Three Stacks backstage at the America’s Most Wanted tour stop in Washington, D.C. Saturday, August 3.

“Me: hey what's up? You got the movie coming,right? Andre 3000: yeah...and I got a solo album coming top of the year. Me:*droptofloor*” Hill tweeted.

Though the elusive rapper was even spotted in the studio with super producer Mike Will Made It, no solid information about the release of a new album has been presented.

In response to Hill's comments on a 2014 release date, Andre 3000's publicist quickly shot the rumor down in a statement to Billboard.

"Regarding reports of a specific plan to release an album in early 2014," the rep says, "There is no official confirmation on that report."

Still, like Goodie Mob member Big Gipp said, a strong possibility remains that the reps denial was simply smoke and mirrors. “One thing that we know about 3000, whenever somebody [sees] him doing something and they run and tell the press, he’ll always say he ain’t doing it. He’s always looking for the surprise,” said Gipp.