ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt
ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt. REUTERS

The former chief executive officer of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Eric Schmidt, may be seeking a career in television, according to a report in The New York Post.

The report claims that Schmidt has been consulting with Liza McGuirk, the executive producer of CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” news/talk show about developing a news show with the ex-Google boss as host.

Apparently, Schmidt filmed a pilot for CNN last August that was supervised by McGuirk.

An insider at CNN said to the paper: Eric Schmidt has been looking for a TV job for over a year, said a CNN insider. But the pilot he filmed with Liza was a complete disaster.

Another unnamed source told the Post: Eric wants to be a talk-show host. He's been working with Liza to develop a show, but he has not yet been picked up by any network.”