Normani Kordei
Normani Kordei was not happy about Bonner Bolton’s elimination. The singer is pictured attending Marie Claire’s “Fresh Faces” celebration on April 21, 2017 in West Hollywood, California. Getty Images

Although she is in the middle of a fierce dancing competition, it doesn’t mean Normani Kordei is too busy to have a crush. The 20-year-old, who splits her time between being one fourth of powerhouse singing group Fifth Harmony and tearing up the dance floor on “Dancing With the Stars,” seems to have her eye on former competitor Bonner Bolton.

Kordei, who writes a weekly piece on Hollywood Life reflecting on her experience on “DWTS,” revealed that the most recent elimination has been tough on her. Bolton, who was a world professional champion bull rider, was sent home on Monday night.

“My heart broke a bit seeing him go, but I see more beauty and victory in him being on the show than solely remembering the moment that he left,” Normani wrote in her blog.

However, her latest blog entry isn’t the first time she has shown feelings for Bolton. Kordei previously told the media outlet that Bolton was good looking. “I think he is a very attractive young man… I do!” she said.

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Kordei later played down her feelings for the bull rider, citing they were connected due to their home state. “And us Texans have to stick together! You know, I am from Texas, he’s from Texas, so I will blame it on that!” she stated. Kordei also admitted that she wanted to work with Bolton on Trio night but ended up with Alan Bersten.

Despite his elimination, Kordei believes that Bolton’s presence on the show impacted others. “He inspired so many people, especially with such an amazing and moving story. I think that he kind of recognized that this was bigger than himself. He inspired me day to day, and I was rooting for him. If I wasn’t on the show, I would have been voting for Bonner,” she wrote.

Like Kordei, Bolton was emotional about his elimination. The former bull rider, who appears to be in great shape, actually has a square metal frame in his spine and neck, which has made it difficult for him to dance. Nonetheless, Bolton is more than proud of himself for his accomplishments.

“Sixteen months ago I was laying face up in a hospital bed, wondering if I was ever going to walk again,” Bolton told Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer of “Good Morning America.”

The elimination actually brought the bull rider, who signed with IMG models in 2016, to tears. “In fact, I broke down in tears last night on the plane over just thinking about how far I’ve come in the last 16 months and it’s really touching for sure. It’s truly humbling. I thank God every day,” the former “DWTS” contestant said.

Kordei, who is still on the show, plans on sharing a special dance number with fans next week that will show them who she really is. The singer will continue to rehearse her special number and head to the studio with Fifth Harmony, who are in the midst of working on their third album.

Although there is no telling whether Kordei and Bolton will stay in contact now that he has been eliminated, it seems that the two will have plenty of things to keep them busy after the “Dancing with the Stars” Season 24 winner is named.