• Barron Trump used to have a strong Slovenian accent
  • The FLOTUS' son could still have a strong Slovenian accent today 
  • Barron Trump's accent suggests he didn't spend time with the POTUS while he was growing up 

Barron Trump previously made headlines after a video of him speaking with a strong Slovenian accent surfaced online.

The clip was shown while President Donald Trump and Melania Trump were being interviewed by Larry King. In the clip, Barron is around four years old.

Since Barron has been living in the United States for most of his life, it is believed that his accent has changed. Unfortunately, there are not many interviews where the 13-year-old could be heard speaking.

Even though Barron may no longer have a thick Slovenian accent, he is still able to fluently speak the language because of the FLOTUS’s sister, Ines.

“Barron almost certainly speaks Slovenian with Melania’s sister Ines, his aunt, who lives in New York. Ines Knavs was the one who took care of all the paperwork at the Slovenia consulate in New York so that Barron could formally acquire Slovenian citizenship,” journalist Bojan Pozar wrote in “Melania Trump – The Inside Story: The Potential First Lady.”

Meanwhile, some netizens are convinced that Trump’s son still has a strong Slovenian accent even though he has been studying at an American school for years. Some of them also said that Barron’s accent comes from the FLOTUS, who doesn’t have an American accent.

“He spoke with an accent because Melania probably speaks 100 percent Slovenian to him so he learned the language. Many children who speak a foreign language at home have an accent. #BarronTrump,” Twitter user @veritasyverdad said.

“How can Barron have such a strong Slovenian accent?? I guess this is proof he spent zero time around his father, which is probably a good thing!” Twitter user @nicolejames said.

“If you think Trump actually raised his kids, remember that Barron Trump, born and raised in the US, speaks English with a Slovenian accent,” Twitter user @SabrinaFon said.

“Slovenian accent? I don’t think so. Barron Trump was born in 2006. So how was he on Larry King in 2004? I don’t care, do you?” Twitter user @CocoPazzo said.