Michael Weatherly talked about “NCIS” and compared Dr. Jason Bull To Tony DiNozzo. “Bull” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS. NCIS

If there is one character fans miss the most in “NCIS,” it’s Tony DiNozzo, played by the handsome Michael Weatherly. The 48-year-old actor left the CBS show to star in “Bull,” a freshman drama that shows Dr. Jason Bull and his team trying to figure out how to win a case. While the series has gained a sizable fan following, does Weatherly ever regret leaving TV’s most watched drama?

“You know, I miss that specific camaraderie,” Weatherly told TVLine in an interview. “I miss the people and smiles, the laughter. But I have had some good laughs on ‘Bull’! I felt very satiated by my experience at ‘NCIS.’ As I said to you last time, it was a full circle and I felt ready to move on, and that has definitely been the case. I have no remorse or misgivings about what went down.”

The former “Dark Angel” actor compared his character, Dr. Bull, with DiNozzo. “He’s [Bull is] much more cryptic. He's much more watchful and reactive,” Weatherly told TVGuide. “More measured, a little bit more mature. And I guess that’s one of the beautiful things about being 48 years old, and it’s why DiNozzo really couldn't make that turn for me. Because DiNozzo is all about that irrepressible teenage energy, the overgrown teenager. I’m now much more satisfied playing the guy who’s got some grey going on in the hair … And [who’s] hopefully a little more mysterious.”

The upcoming episode on “Bull,” which airs Tuesday, Jan. 3, will show the psychologist and jury consultant take on a case that involves a woman who owns a company that manufactures self-driving cars. Weatherly revealed that he is a fan of driverless cars. Titled “E.J.,” the episode will revolve around his client who has been charged with killing her employee with a self-driving car.

“Bull” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.