When Oprah Winfrey showed up looking haggard to a conference in Los Angeles for her “O” magazine, she revealed that she had had a breast cancer scare the week before, the New York Times reported.

The media star assured her devoted followers that it was a false alarm, but it was enough to frighten her.

According to researchers, women who have never had children are more likely to get breast cancer.

The revelation not only shocked the audience, but Winfrey’s lifelong best friend Gayle King looked visibly upset, the NYT noted. One of the women in the audience scolded Winfrey, 58, for not informing her best friend about the scare before announcing it at a conference with 5,000 other people.

Winfrey also spoke candidly about her OWN company losing money.

Winfrey ended her famous talk show 18 months ago, and the rest of her offerings have been in decline ever since the demise of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” she hosted for 25 years.

During an interview after the conference, Winfrey discussed the future of “O” magazine, which has lost a substantial amount of revenue since the end of her show. She said “holding the magazine in my hand” meant a lot to her, but she has to face the facts.

The magazine as seen nearly a 25 percent slump in its advertising sales, from $48.8 million to $34.2 million.

Oprah admitted: “Obviously, the show was helping in ways that you know I hadn't accounted for. I'm not interested, you know, in bleeding money.”

“Ultimately, you have to make money because you are a business. I let other people worry about that.”

“I worry about the message. I am always, always, always about holding true to the vision and the message, and when you are true to that, then people respond.”